RRR also offers 2WD dynojet tuning service, our experienced technicians are ASE certified, EFI university certified and also certified by most major Aftermarket ECU companies including AEM, MOTEC, APEX, and recently achieved Platinum tuning certification by Haltech engine management, which makes us the only ones in the West Coast with this certification.
Our rate are as follow:



Horsepower reading ( 3 pulls ) : $75

Horsepower reading with A/F monitoring : $125

Standard dyno tuning service M-F 9am-6pm : $150 per hour

Afterhours or weekend tuning service : $200 per hour

Flat rate Plug and play Apex Power FC tune : $595

To add knock sensing device during the tune: $25 per hour


Our dynotuning services include the strapping and securing the vehicle on the dyno, A/F ratio monitoring, mechanical service if need it
(Ex: a loose charge pipe or spark plug replacement) and when requested installation of our Knock sensing device and monitoring of knock %.
We can tune piston engines as well as rotary type engines with EFI or carburetors, for more in depth questions about our tuning services
feel free to give us a call.

View some of our dyno sessions here: http://www.youtube.com/user/nelsiverio



Q: How many hours will it take to tune my car?
A: That will depend on the current state of the ECU calibration, most of the time, vehicles that already run and can somewhat be driven will take somewhere in the 1-3 hour range.
Q: What would I need to have for the tuning session?
A: Although we carry a large quantity of spark plugs in stock , we suggest to have a set of the correct heat range for the HP level that then engine is desired to achieve. Also a full tank of the correct octane rating for the engine.
Q: What are some things I should double check before the tuning session?
A: Fuel pressure drop is a very common problem we see on most sessions , make sure your fuel delivery system is up to par with a good quality fuel pump , new fuel filters , and at least a 10 gauge power wire powering the fuel pump at 14 Volts.