RRR first opened it's doors in 1981.

Owner Nick Van Nugteren, a rotary builder and enthusiast since the 1970's developed his experience during many racing events all over Asia in which he won many national titles.

In 1980 Nick was sponsored by Mazda to participate in the national SCCA pro rally series. In 1983 Mazda sponsored RRR for the land speed Bonneville salt flats event in which they set a new class record of 199MPH, while campaigning the event RRR was on it's way to becoming a well know rotary engine performance company.

Over the next 30+ years RRR has developed many performance products with its in-house engine dynometer and Research and Development team. This led to producing a line of championship seeking race engines, including in recent times Jack Mardikian's Time Attack champion FD3S.

Today, RRR also specializes in performance oriented vehicles, including everything from European and Japanese makes to all the way to American muscle vehicle .

With recent advances in fuel injection technologies RRR now offers performance installations of various popular EFI systems for any engine.

With its highly experienced and certified staff, RRR has become an authority in the area for high performance parts sales, installation, and tuning.